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SoundDog Studio Facilities

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We’re a Gloucestershire based music recording and rehearsal studio.

We have a large live room, with a control room on the upper level.

Our philosophy is to provide the best experience we can, whether it’s for Recording, Rehearsals, or any of our other services. Kyle will work with you to ensure everything is right for you, whether it’s the tones you’re after, or to have the studio set up in a certain way. We want to make your experience at SoundDog Studio something to remember, and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

We’re located in Tewkesbury just off Junction 9 M5.

Recording and Rehearsal Studio Equipment

Our recording and rehearsal studio is equipped with a Mapex Horizon drum kit, complete with cymbals, and spare cymbal stands. Our amps are a Blackstar iD100 (True Valve Power), and a Marshall ATV100 – both of these amps are put through 4×12 cabinets, and are guaranteed to provide a great tone in the room.

We have a Laney combo bass amp to provide all the low end you need. Vocals are catered for with 3 Shure SM58’s on QuikLok stands. Finally, our P.A is an EV ZLX 15P system, complete with mixing desk. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, but please ensure that you let us know first so we can accommodate!

We have a large range of recording equipment on site, with interfaces from Focusrite, and microphones from Shure, Audix, SE electronics, and AKG. We have a Kemper guitar and bass amplifier with a vast array of tones already loaded, guaranteed to provide the right tone for your music. We have pro cymbals and high end Mapex drum kit for recording, and some fantastic vocal mics too.

Saturday Rock School

Are you between the ages of 11 and 17? We’d love to help you build a band! 

Here at SoundDog, we want to support and encourage young musicians to join bands, and get out there performing! SoundDog Launchpad is a Saturday Session where young people can come and start a band, start learning covers, write their own music, and even have opportunities to start recording their own tracks!  

Sessions will be run for 2 hours in our recording and rehearsal studio. We will help you find musicians to play alongside your young ones! We will do our best to make sure that the ages and abilities are compatible. 

Don’t have the right equipment? Don’t worry! We have all the equipment required to help, with drums, guitar amps, bass amps, and microphones available at our studio.