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Join our Saturday Rock School – Sound Dog Launchpad

We are proud to announce the brand-new Saturday Rock School ‘SoundDog Launchpad’. Passionate about music? Are you between the ages of 9 and 17? Want to gain valuable, real world experience as a musician? We’d love to help you build a band! 

Here at SoundDog, we want to support and encourage young musicians to join bands, and get out there performing! SoundDog Launchpad is a Saturday Rock School Session where young people can come together and start a band, start learning covers, write their own music, and even have opportunities to start recording their own tracks!  

What will the sessions involve?

At our Saturday Launchpad sessions, we offer the complete package. We’ll show you how to write, record, and mix songs, and how to perform as a band. We’ll also learn songs from some of your favourite bands, and show you how to perform like a rockstar! We’ll help you find like minded young people to perform with. We’ll work in small groups so you’ll have plenty of help from Kyle in putting your band together.

How long will the sessions last?

Sessions will be run for 2 hours on Saturday mornings or afternoons and we will help you find musicians to play alongside your young ones! We will do our best to make sure that the ages, skills and abilities are compatible. 

We’re also planning to run some Rock School sessions in the Summer holidays.

Do I need to bring equipment?

Don’t have the right equipment? Don’t worry! We have all the equipment required to help, with drums, guitar amps, bass amps, and microphones available at our studio. 

Kyle will be on hand to help show you how everything works, guide the bands as they develop, and will help with the writing aspects, learning new songs, guiding how to approach performing live, and building a proper band! 

Want to register your interest?

If you are aged 9-17, or have children in this age range, and would be interested in joining the Launchpad Saturday Rock School or Summer Sessions please get in touch!

Prices are available on request

Email: info@sounddogstudio.co.uk or use our contact form . Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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