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Recording Tuition Rehearsals at Sound Dog Studio.

There are lots of great uses for our spacious live room whether it’s recording and rehearsal or production or you just want to make some noise!

Whether you’re looking to record new material, put together a promotional demo or just rehearse we have a great space for you.

The space is also ideal for filming or interviews.

Our recording and rehearsal space is equipped with a Mapex Horizon drum kit, complete with cymbals, and spare cymbal stands. Our amps are a Blackstar iD100 (True Valve Power), and a Marshall ATV100 – both of these amps are put through 4×12 cabinets and are guaranteed to provide a great tone in the room.

We have a Laney combo bass amp to provide all the low-end you need. Vocals are catered for with 3 Shure SM58s on QuikLok stands. Finally, our P.A is an EV ZLX 15P system, complete with a mixing desk. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, but please ensure that you let us know first so we can accommodate!

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Recording and rehearsal

Music lessons and private tuition

Are you, or your children keen to learn a musical instrument? Or perhaps you’d like help to improve your skills or work towards Grade exams. Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some experience we are here to help with 1-1 music tuition. We offer:

  • Drums and guitar tuition
  • Grades 1 -8 or tailored personal programmes
  • Production tuition
  • First lesson free
  • Complete beginner to advanced
  • All ages welcome

With 9 years of teaching experience, Kyle is a skilled and knowledgeable music tutor equipped to work with clients of all age groups. Working with both children and adults of all ages we are able to help you achieve your musical goals.

From our studio base in Tewkesbury we’re here to help you achieve your musical goals.

Take a look at testimonials from our customers