Recording Studio

What we do?

Our philosophy is to provide the best experience we can when recording. Kyle will work with you to ensure everything is right for you, whether it’s the tones you’re after, or having the studio set up in a certain way.

We want to make your studio experience at SoundDog Studio something to remember, and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

We have a spacious live room, with a control room on the upper level.

We are happy to accommodate any genre, from jazz and soul, all the way through to thrash metal. 

Our recording studio

Our studio is equipped with all the equipment we’ll need to get an amazing recording. We have an incredible collection of microphones from companies such as Audix, Shure, AKG and SE Electronics. If you’d like to hear some samples of our work, just fill in the contact form and we can send some audio clips across.

Our live room is a fantastic space to record in, with sound controlling curtains that stop the vast majority of reflections. Want a more roomy/spacey recording? Not a problem! Our curtains are mounted on rails, so we have complete control of how reflective the room is – anywhere from completely dead to super lively is possible! 

Our studio has everything a recording musician would need. We have Mapex Armory drum shells, we have 4×12 guitar cabs from Marshall and Laney, and a Kemper Profiler. We also have instruments on hand should any be required, with guitars from Charvel, Fender, Gordon Smith and Squier. We also have a comfy sofa and coffee table in the control space for you to chill out whilst your bandmates are performing. 

If you have any questions about recording with us, please do get in touch.

Where are we?

Based just off junction 9 of the M5 in Tewkesbury we’re easily accessible from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Worcester and surrounding areas.

Get in touch

To enquire about some time in our recording studio, please complete the form here and we’ll get back to you with details. You can also contact us with any questions. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and news from Sound Dog. Also check out our You Tube channel

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Recording Studio